Uses and benefits of costume jewelleries in Newcastle: Part I

Business,Sales The internet is creating a more efficient market for vintage clocks and jewellery. So if you are not a collector of vintage clocks and jewellery yet, you may start considering them as investments now. Internet has revolutionized many aspects of our life. One of the many revolutions it has caused is electronic commerce. Internet has eliminated middle men and enabled the connecting of buyers and sellers. However, elimination of middlemen is not the only advantage of buying or selling on the net, there are plenty of others. Internet is particularly useful when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers of vintage pocket watches and jewellery. Vintage items acquire value because they are scarce. Human brain is wired to like items that are scarce. This is a fundamental principal of economics. That explain why diamonds are so expensive while drinking water is so cheap (mostly). That explains why marketers often frame their purchasing decision in terms what you would lose if you do not buy a particular item. Scarcity principle is the reason why people Jewellery Jobs compete for a resource if others are competing for it. It is scarcity that make people react violently when something is taken away from them called deprival super reaction syndrome in psychology. Scarcity principle is the reason why people are loss aversive. Scarcity principle is the reason why people go crazy because of near misses in a slot machine in a Casino. Vintage items acquire values that surpass even luxury items at times because they are scarce, scarcer than luxury items. Since vintage items are scarce there is no efficient mechanism for price discovery. There is typically no anchor with which you can compare the value of vintage pocket watches or jewellery. You can easily be beguiled by the salesman’s charm. As a seller you are constrained by your catchment area. These constraints have in the past made the market for vintage clocks and jewellery a rather inefficient one. The following are the advantages of buying and selling vintage pocket watches and jewellery on the internet: 1.Price discovery- As a buyer you can compare prices of different vendors on the internet which leads to more efficient price discovery while you buy vintage jewellery or watches as the market for such items is inefficient otherwise 2.Salesman’s wiles not effective on the net – you can peruse through different sets of items as you buy vintage jewellery on the net 3. Wide set of buyers – as a seller you can tap into pockets of customers that were not initially available in your catchment area as you sell vintage jewellery 4.As a buyer, you are unlikely to be influenced by what others are buying on the internet. You can make your purchasing decision in the cool and calm environment of your home. The question comes that would vintage items lose some value since they are not so scarce anymore. That is for a speculator to ponder over. The author is an avid collector of vintage pocket watches and jewellery. He lives and works in London and also sells vintage jewellery.

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